[AWBDLH] Chapter 2 – Magic Power Measurement (1)

[Congratulations! You have defeated [Trevion of Evil (Lv 80)] and gained experience!]

[Level Up!! Lv has increased to 25!]

[Acquire 10 stats !]

[You have accomplished the achievement [Beginning of a Legend]! You get an additional 15 bonus stats!]


An increase of 5 levels at once.

Also, with every level up, my stats increased by 2. Achievement rewards appear to be paid normally as well.

By the way, the high level of the enemy was because this place was on the Hell level difficulty. Even if the level difference was extreme, a wild explosion would not occur.


Name: Isaac


Gender: Male

Grade: 1

Title: freshman

Magic Power: 305 / 320

– Magic Recovery Speed (D-)

– Stamina (D-)

– Muscular Strength (D)

– Intelligence (D)

– Mental Power(B)

‘Magic power has increased by 20—. Other stats have returned to their original state.’

A characteristic of <Magic Knight of Marchen> was that the player’s level-up does not directly affect the improvement of their stats.

The higher the level, the higher the limit of the character’s stats was, but it was not a factor to be concerned about much.

In any case, you need to train separately to raise your stats.

The stats accumulated while raising the level can be invested in growth ‘efficiency’, so as the game progresses, the growth curves upward.

It is said that Isaac’s stats will see a sudden rise.

Keeping that aside, the higher the opponent’s level is, the less damage it takes. However, Trevion’s level was 80, and I was 120, so the damage seemed to have been fully applied.

‘Oh, does it also give a cooperative experience?’

I looked at Ian, who was fainted.

[Ian Fairy Tail]


Race: Human

Attribute: Light

Danger: X

An increase of 1 level.

In <Magic Knight of Marchen>, allies who fought together receive experience points according to their performance.

If it was a dealer, how much deal was given, if it was a healer, how much heal was given, and so on.

The greater the number of people, the greater the absolute amount of experience gained. So, it is not a system where the experience points are shared.

Even in the current situation where I had transmigrated, the cooperative experience system was the same.

‘The first bad ending was saved, and then–‘

I should go to the entrance ceremony now.

The fact that I was still in this world didn’t touch me. It was necessary to properly face the things that were going to happen in the future and to sort out the accident.

‘–Oh right. Kaya.’

Come to think of it, Kaya Astreane hasn’t appeared yet. Story-wise, Kaya Astreane should appear while Ian is holding out against Trevion.

I looked around but couldn’t sense Kaya or see her.


When I thought about it, it made sense. In the game, Kaya appeared while Ian was still holding on for a while.

But I killed Trevion at once. In other words, Kaya must have not arrived here yet.

‘I’m glad.’

I was glad I didn’t get caught.

Had Kaya, the second-in-command of the freshman class seen me kill a level 80 demon in one turn– I can’t imagine how things would have turned out.

If I continue to remain in this world, I will have to prevent a bad ending in the future. I shouldn’t have a setback in the plan after showing off my presence as a strong player.

First of all, there was a loud noise when casting [Ice Explosion]–, it would be better to get away quickly.

I started walking towards the entrance ceremony.


‘What, what?’

Kaya Astreane, hiding behind a tree, couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

While visiting Josena Forest, she sensed strong mana and quickly flew to an empty lot with her wind magic.

There was a confrontation between a strange-looking demon and a man.

Originally, the appearance of demons is considered to be a natural disaster. There was nothing strange about the sudden appearance of demons in this place.

Feeling the amount of mana, it was clear that he was quite a dangerous demon. But what the hell was that man who slaughtered such demons at once?

A male student with silver hair and red eyes exuded bluish energy. His height seemed to be average, and his impression was cute.

However, the moment he fought, his eyes turned cold. It was a dramatic shift in the atmosphere, like flipping your palm. The surrounding air appeared to be freezing cold.

And it was an impressive blow. [Ice Explosion], a 5-star Ice Attribute magic. With that level of power, it is clear that his skill level is extremely high. It is at a level of admiration.

Furthermore, when that man cast [Ice Explosion], Kaya sensed a far greater amount of magic power than her own.

Kaya was particularly confident in the amount of her magic power. She was so talented that she was admitted to the Department of Magic of the prestigious Marchen Academy as the second seat in the class.

But that person— what the hell?

‘Looking at the clothes, it looks like he’s a freshman like me—?’

Dressed in a school uniform. A silver-rimmed navy blue cape shawl was draped over his shoulders, and a small brooch attached to his tie was scattering the red light that symbolised first grade.

He was a freshman like herself.

‘Is he the top seat?’

Kaya realized that she was a frog in a well.

The days when people around her supported her that she was born with magical talents passed by like a flash.

— a strong skepticism engulfed her.


The man with silver hair started moving.

Kaya Astreane quickly turned around and crept behind a tree.

Her light green twin-tail hair, tied to both sides, fluttered for a moment.

She was holding her breath. Kaya found the man’s strength to be terrifying.

The silver-haired man, on the other hand, leisurely left the vacant lot, as if he had not noticed.


The entrance ceremony was similar to the one in the game.

It was a sunny day after the rain while the students gathered in an outdoor plaza.

I sat among the students on an ordinary chair. Thanks to the pre-setting in advance and putting on a light barrier, the square was left untouched by the morning rain.

On the podium were Luce Eltania, the head of the Department of Magic, and Kaya Astreane, the second seat, receiving the award.

For some reason, Kaya looked at the head and the students sitting in the chair, with a suspicious expression on her face. Was she confused because she was in the second seat?

I didn’t know because I couldn’t see the faces of the head and the second in the game, but I didn’t know they had that expression. This feeling was new.

The main character, Ian Fairy Tail, luckily arrived at the entrance ceremony on time. His physical condition was intact. It was clear that Kaya Astreane had healed him quickly with healing magic.

Thanks to his special powers, Ian will be healed by just using a little healing magic.

And after talking about this and that, he would have said that he should go to the entrance ceremony as soon as possible.

By the way.

‘I can’t believe that the main character is playing hard from the start.’

I felt an ominous feeling–.

From the start, Ian Fairy Tail was defeated by Trevion of Evil.

In other words, it is unknown whether he will be able to beat the enemies that will appear in the future.

As long as my soul is transmigrated in this world, it is unknown what kind of disaster will happen if Ian Fairy Tail dies and a bad ending occurs.

The best way for me to survive is to clear the <Magical Knight Of Marchen> with this hellish difficulty level while preventing the bad ending.

‘I feel complicated–‘

Along with the excitement, the fear of the unknown crept up.

The feeling I had now was similar to when I bought all of the stocks of an electronic company in the hopes that the stock price would rise to 100,000 and the price chart gradually dropped.

It was such a feeling that I felt both anticipation and anxiety at the same time that I could not let go of saying, ‘It will rise again someday.’

[T/N: I can feel you bro.]


Orientation was scheduled to take place after the entrance ceremony.

I headed to the temporary 3rd classroom after looking at the bulletin board in the building and finding out that I, ‘Isaac,’ belonged to the temporary 3rd class.

Because I’d played the game so many times, I was familiar with the layout of this vast and sprawling Marchen Academy. Thanks to it, I was able to easily find the temporary class 3.

A terraced lecture hall reminiscent of a university. There were about 50 students seated. Approximately ten more will be filled in the future. The Department of Magic has a total capacity of 300 students per grade, with a total of 5 temporary classes.

I roughly went to the middle seat and sat down.

Ian Fairy Tail, the main character wasn’t here, but there were familiar faces.

[Mateo Jordana]

Lv: 75

Race: Human

Attribute: Rock

Danger: X

Mateo Jordana, who will play the role of an early villain, and help Ian Fairy Tail. He had his brown bangs up, his forehead clenched, and a strong physique.

[Tristan Humphrey]

Lv: 71

Race: Human

Attribute: Wind

Danger: X

Tristan Humphrey, a vain aristocrat who liked to look down on the weak and commoners. He had an arrogant smile on his lips, and blonde hair.

[Kaya Astreane]

Lv.: 90

Race: Human

Attributes: Wind, Ice

Danger: X

The second seat and one of the heroines, Kaya Astreane, was here. She tied a black cloth to his light green hair like a ribbon and had pigtails.

– Why am I surprised that we met? Am I shy?

Anyway, Kaya Astreane is a kind-hearted and broad-minded character. There are some corners, but they are like defence mechanisms to hide her shyness

She tends to act like a follower to those she admires. She is the number one type who should not fall into pseudo-religion.

She is also good at guessing. She was a cute heroine who gave meaning to each and every action Ian did without much thought and was excited.


When I saw the characters from the game I used to enjoy, my heart was strangely overwhelmed.

“Welcome, prospective wizards.”

Eventually, the front door of the classroom opened and the professor entered.

The female students gave exclamations such as “Oh my–.”, “Oh my God—.”, and “So handsome–“.

The professor stood in front of the podium and looked at the students with cold eyes.

[Fernando Frost]


Race: Human

Attributes: Ice, Water

Danger: X

The gold-rimmed navy blue uniform was the academy professor’s attire. He had well-groomed silver hair, blue eyes, and tall stature.

Fernando Frost.

He had a poker face with no emotion at every moment, as if there were no blood or tears.

In reality, he was a man who was deeply caring and sacrificing for his students.

He ranked 5th in the character popularity ranking of <Magical Knight of Marchen>.

Level 98. Although higher than most students, as a wizard, it was normal. For reference, the level of the characters was determined based on their combat power. The level of knowledge is also involved, but it was best to use magic well.

If the level setting criteria were theory-oriented, Fernando’s level would have been very high. Most professors do.

“I’m Professor Fernando Frost. This week, I’m in charge of the temporary 3rd class.”

Professor Fernando said in a calm tone. The girls seemed to die because of the chic charm.

I’m sure he knows he’s handsome. This kind of reaction would be normal.

– I envy you.

“Let’s stop talking about personal matters and get straight to the point. Orientation will be held over the next week. And when the class placement evaluation is over and the classes are divided, the class will start in earnest according to the level of each class from then on.”

Professor Fernando said in a calm tone.

“So, for future evaluation and to make you aware of your level, I will measure the amount of magic power from now on.”

“Magic power?”

Oh right. The amount of magic power was measured during the first orientation. It’s a minor part, so when I played the whole episode later, I forgot it because I skimmed through it.

The results of the magic power measurement will be useful for future tests.

In terms of the story, the main character, Ian Fairy Tail, is rated as an ‘E’, the lowest level in magic power, so it is strict with students.

But later, as Ian grows rapidly, the students increasingly reevaluate him.

“Come out at once.”

Following the guidance of Professor Fernando, the temporary 3rd class arrived at the training ground.

It was a spacious training ground with spectator seats and the floor was filled with fine sand.

In addition to the temporary 3rd class, several temporary classes all came. Ian and the heroines also caught my eye.

“Here, I will measure the magic power of all the members of the Department of Magic.”

Professor Fernando said to the Department of Magic, which was standing in an orderly manner, holding a small stick with loudspeaker magic on it. Simply put, it’s a microphone, and here it’s just called a ‘loudspeaker’.

The other temporary class professors sat in the stands.

“Take this first.”

The assistants began handing the students objects that looked like hand grippers.

I also accepted it. The firm touch was clear.

“This magic instrument is a tool that measures the maximum amount of magic power by looking at the concentration of mana. If you hold it tightly and let the mana flow, the grade will be displayed. That grade is your current position. This will be a reference for future evaluations.”

Professor Fernando explained in a calm tone.

“When you measure the amount of magic power, magic tends to come out. So, for safety’s sake, I’ll measure the amount of magic in a place where there are no people. In each class, five people should come out in order from the lowest number.”

So the magic power evaluation began.

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– – – End of Chapter – – –

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